The essentials for your makeup madness

Lugging around a handbag filled to the brim with four shades of that mahogany bronzer, nine matte lip liners that seem to all fall in the same colour spectrum of pink, and piling at the bottom of the handbag, a cluster of old crusted mascaras that have not seen the light of day, is definitely an indicator to get your everyday makeup life in check. DSC_4983 One of the biggest makeup faux pas that the everyday woman does, is putting on a full face of makeup in the morning, however, not taking all the products that were used with them throughout the day. By only touching up the light layer of powder or just the bronzer on your cheeks, can create the appearance of an uneven or blotchy skin tone, deeming a “touch up” ineffective. This being said, try opting on the smaller bottle of foundation or a small brush collection, so when you are on the way from work to dinner you look just as fresh as you did in the morning. DSC_5016 Obviously every woman’s makeup routine varies due to different skin tones and bone structures. Nevertheless, here is a list of essentials that can be carried in your handbag throughout the day.

  1. MAC studio Face and Body Foundation

This foundation is lightweight and breathable, rendering it perfect to be layered or sheer depending on whether you are at work or play.

  1. Mac Mineralise SkinFinish in Medium Plus

A light coat over the liquid foundation creates the matte effect, hiding any blemishes or redness

  1. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light

By having a matte bronzer allows the contours of the cheekbones to be sculpted with a natural look. Also a matte bronzer doubles as an eyeshadow too!

  1. MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium

This small concealer palette allows you to correct in any place of the skin while still matching with the skin tone. Bonus: by using the darkest and lightest shades further contouring can be done.

  1. Napoleon Perdis Powder/Blush brushDSC_5026

By choosing a simple brush that can be used for powder, bronzer and highlighting minimizes clutter in your bag. Just remember to flick of the excess before starting on the next powder.

  1. MAC Technakohl liner in Graph Black

This liner is perfect for a day look just on the outer corners of the eyelid, but can be layered for a smokier look for the evening.

  1. Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Mascara

By giving definition to each lash it reduces clumping and smudging, which extenuates your natural lash line

  1. Nars pressed powder in Albatross

This seemingly white powder when place on the highest points of your cheeks, under your brow and peak of your nose adds a natural golden highlight that brightens your face

  1. MAC matte lip pencil in Boldly bare

Lip pencils that have a creamer finish, such as this, can cover the whole lip – adding a matte finish and stays on longer than lipstick

  1. Chance by Chanel

For the final touch, add you signature scent! Izo xx



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