Best Bronzers – the reigning monarchs of the Bronzing Kingdom

If I can say one thing I am positive on, is that every woman or the occasional man, has been intimidated by the bright lights of the makeup store. With over hundreds of Bronzing products on the market staring down at you, pleading to be bought and used, buyers seem to run down the makeup aisles like headless chickens, lost and blinded by the persuasive advertising that claims each product is number one with its “new and improved formula.” After many years testing out one of the essential products for anyone’s cosmetic bag, the following five bronzers I deem to be the reigning monarchs of the Bronzing Kingdom. Mac Bronzing Powder mac-bronzer Four shades – bronze, golden, refined golden and matte bronze – each of which are lightly frosted, tinted powders that are ideal for enhancing your natural skin tones and contours, yet still gives a sheer natural glow. The matte bronzer is perfect for winter, creating a neutral-cool tone on pale skin. While the others have hints of shimmer, and for the summer months, produce an earthy glow when reflected by the sun. However, as these powders are sheer and need to be layered, be weary to not build-up too much as it creates an unnatural heavy complexion. Benefit Hoola Benefit Hoola Bronzer 6 This is a matte bronzer with golden undertones. Its lightweight and airy quality allows it to be applicable for the whole face rather than just for contouring. For pale skin, shading through the temples, cheekbones and towards the jawline both thins and frames the face, further adding dimension. While for olive or darker skins, using Hoola lightly all over the face and neck can even out yourskin tone and creates a soft matte finish. Bobbi Brown bronzer 000037422 (1) Bobbi Brown was awarded runner up Best In Beauty Award 2014 for this particular product. Now, if that is not an indicator, let it be the products easy to build and silky smooth matte finish that marks its spot on many “best bronzer” posts. With five shades, you are giving ample options for complementing skin types without getting lost and confused with too much choice. However be warned, to prevent a somewhat pinkish look, use this product with more yellow-based and golden undertone products. Nars Laguna s537878-main-Lhero Alike most of these bronzers, Nars Laguna is fused with a golden shimmer, which enhances when reflected in the light, bringing a more healthy and vibrant luminosity to the cheek and temples. Its lightweight formula is long-lasting and hydrating suitable for dry or tight skin types. With this in mind, by having formulas that hydrate and are breathable, your face can appear more naturally nourished. Smashbox bronzer d6e1c7bab98a93f6afa1a7c010c78ab3-1 This sun kissed matte bronzer is the smoothest to apply and complements peachy or even taupe, grey makeup looks. Mario Devidanovic has used it on Kim Kardashian multiple times and on a complexion such as hers or on pale skin it blends easily on the cheekbones through to the temples. With its high pigmentation and no shimmer undertones it can be applied easily and forms a rich radiant gleam that frames the face. Izo xx



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  1. LOVE this post!! Bronzers are my favorite makeup essential apart from mascara!!

    xx Olivia


  2. Love your picks ❤ Everyone is raving about the new palettes from Kat Von D and Anastasia too (even if there are a couple of highlighter shades in it as well)!


  3. The Kat Von D is amazing, I much prefer it over the ABH one, and I LOOOVEEE ABH. Another great bronzer option is The Balm Bahama Mama


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